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Kootenay Lake Fall Fair!!! September 11, 2015

This year’s Kootenay Lake Fall Fair is happening this Saturday at the Crawford Bay Hall.  Check out all the details and fun events on their site!



What do you call a large group of scarecrows? September 12, 2012

This lovely fellow, and 19 of his friends and family, will be attending this year’s Kootenay Lake Fall Fair!  Catch a glimpse of him at the local CB Market and at Black Salt Cafe before Saturday.  They hope to see you at the Fair, and so do we!
























The artist for this project is Leah Wilson.


Thank You to The Creston Kootenay Foundation and the

Arts Council Community of Creston for funding this project.


This year’s Fair sure to have something for everyone August 24, 2012


Food Roots organizing the Kootenay Lake Fall Fair May 25, 2012

For the first time, Food Roots members are organizing the upcoming 101st annual Kootenay Lake Fall Fair.  We’ll be keeping the best of the traditional fair and creating new opportunities for learning about food and food security.

You can join the Kootenay Lake Fall Fair Facebook group to receive updates on the event.  This year’s Fair will have something for everyone!


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