East Shore Food Roots

Food Systems Development on Kootenay Lake's Eastern Shore

‘Fields Forward’ for greater food security January 15, 2016

‘Fields Forward’ is a new partnership program to boost economic development in the agri-food sector and improve local food security in our area.

This new ‘Fields Forward’ initiative from the Community Directed Funds Committee of Creston and District (Yahk to Riondel) was launched January 11th with a two day training and collaborative action planning conference in Creston involving food groups, producers, entrepreneurs, as well as local, provincial and federal government representatives.  11 people from the East Shore attended, including 4 members of Food Roots.  Food Roots hopes to be part of the Community Impact Team that is now being formed for the next phase of the initiative.   

East Shore Team at Fields Forward Conference

Part of the East Shore team that joined the ‘Fields Forward’ initiative conference January 11th and 12th in Creston.

For  more information on the new initiative please check out the ‘Fields Forward’ website.


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