East Shore Food Roots

Food Systems Development on Kootenay Lake's Eastern Shore

Mushroom Workshop May 6th April 18, 2012

Learn how to grow mushrooms

in logs, straw, and coffee grounds!

$60.00 for the 6 hour workshop with Scott

“The Mushroom Man”

**************This workshop is now Full!!!

10am – 4pm, Crawford Bay Community Corner at Crawford Bay Park.

What you will learn and practice:

– Log inoculation for Shiitake
– Straw Bale inoculation for Oyster, Stropharia Rugoso-Annulata (King stropharia/Wine Cap)
– Chip bed inoculation demo on site or nearby location and
– Coffee ground inoculation with Oyster.

What you will take home with you:

– 1 inoculated straw bale that will yield several pounds of pearl Oyster mushrooms,
– 2 shiitake logs,
– 1 small tub of inoculated coffee grounds to be used as spawn, and
– 1 inoculated tub of wood chips that when colonized, will allow you to inoculate your own chip bed with King stropharia at home.

What you’re asked to bring for yourself:

– 1 old pillowcase
– 1 small plastic container (tupperware) for coffee grounds
– 1 large plastic tub ( Rubbermaid or other brand plastic tub/tote)
– Potluck for 3 people – to be synchronized later on.

Leave a comment to register, or talk to us on our Facebook Event Page.


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